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45Insights and Innovation CoursesCourseDurationPageFoundationFundamentals of Market Research1 day workshop46Thinking and Creativity Skills1 day workshop46Creating Advantage from Competitor Insight1 day workshop47AdvancedResearch-based Market Insight2 day course47MasterclassFrom Market Insight to Marketing Strategy2 day course48Strategic and Creative Thinking Skills2 day course48see also...Marketing Engineering3 day course11For classification levels please refer to page 3For latest courses and dates check

Travel Services Apprenticeship Level 2 Code 4362If you have an outgoing personality, enjoy working with people and have a keen interest in travel, then the sky's the limit with an Apprenticeship in Travel Services. The hands-on training will develop your skills and give you valuable experience for a range of careers in the Travel & Tourism industry.This sector requires hard work, excellent customer service skills, and a firm grasp on industry knowledge and its ever-changing rules and regulations. During your Apprenticeship you will take a certificate covering worldwide travel and tourism destinations and learn about ticketing and airfares, as well as a range of travel products like travel insurance and holiday packages. This broad base of industry knowledge is necessary to properly advise customers on their travel plans. Interested? Please see entry requirements on pages 18-19.We also have a NEW Apprenticeship in development:Creative & Digital Media Apprenticeship Level 3 Code 8533NEW for 2011, this Apprenticeship covers many areas across the creative and digital media industries including TV, film, digital graphics, advertising and photo imaging. There are many job roles from production and editing to camerawork, copywriting, games design and interactive media. You will need good general knowledge of the creative media industries along with technical and creative abilities. During the Apprenticeship, you may be working as a production runner or assistant, a digital assistant, a computer games design assistant, animating assistant, an editing assistant or as a production secretary. You and your employer will be able to tailor your Apprenticeship programme to your role, selecting a combination of options including Production, Editing, Interactive Media, Audiovisual Journalism, Camerawork, Set Design and Photo Imaging. The aim for this new Apprenticeship, is to develop creative, digitally savvy and work-ready employees who are multi-skilled and can work cross-industry. Interested? Please see entry requirements on pages 18-19. Progression - what next?After completing an Apprenticeship, you can progress on to an Advanced Apprenticeship, use the skills you have developed and the experience you have gained at work or you may wish to go on to study further at college or university.t - 01274 327233 e - w - Users L2(Software) Apprenticeship Level 2Code 8112Advanced Apprenticeship Level 3 Code 8113On this course, you will learn how to use software specific to your job role. You will also work with spreadsheets, databases,project frombeginning to internet and intranet systems, as well as Duration1 imaging software. In addition to 16December201206March07June11September05DecemberPrice18-19, you need to have experience of, or interest in computers. You need materials,lunch and refreshmentsRelated coursesßCreating Advantage fromCompetitor Insight (p47)ßFrom Market Insight toMarketing Strategy (p48) Level Overview Those in a Professionals,function are often expectedto take on a market research role without a fullunderstanding of service.expected. This could involve installing practical guide and software and carrying commissioning upgrades.research. It providesdelegates with confidence to assess what isrealistic to deliver and guidance on technician, your job could also involve helping Benefits to you customers and faults and technical problems, as well as giving users support. In addition to the basic entry requirements on pages 18-19, you need to have experience of, or interest in, computers. A responsible attitude and commitment to this type of for expected to dress smartly when you are on your placement in ainformation that is of limited use andmore efficient delivery of information tailored tospecific needs.Successful outcomes depend on a clear brief,appropriate methodology and asking the rightquestions of the right people.This workshop will lead to successful application of marketresearch techniques to assist in managementdecisions for the organisation. A planned andsystematic approach to market research willcontribute to the development of theorganisation's overall strategy.Who this course is for This workshop is primarily for those who wish tocommission research or are expected to conductresearch themselves in-house. This may be amarketing manager, a marketing communicationsexecutive, or a recently appointed marketingexecutive new to market research and needing tounderstand what market research is all about. What you will learn This course will enable delegates to:ßUnderstand the 10 steps of a market researchproject.ßWrite an effective research brief.ßUndertake desk research to uncover existinginformation.ßManage your relationship with externalagencies.ßChoose between alternative methodologies.ßSelect and evaluate an appropriate sample.ßConstruct an effective questionnaire.ßAnalyse the data outputs.ßDraw conclusions and makerecommendations.Learning approachThe training will use an example from thedelegate's own organisation to develop aresearch brief, explore sources of informationand consider the optimal methodology. Learning will be supported by reference to pastreal-world examples drawn from both B2B andconsumer markets.Fundamentals of Market ResearchMarketing's biggest asset is thehuman imagination -brainpowerplus creativity equals success7 CPD hoursCoursecode1125Level FoundationDuration1 dayVenues and datesLondon201101December201209March06July03DecemberPrice£550+ VATCIM Member price£495+ VATWhat's includedTuition, course materials,lunch and refreshmentsRelated courseßStrategic and CreativeThinking Skills (p48) This fast-paced course aims to teach the use ofproblem solving techniques to reach creative andpractical solutions. It demonstrates a set ofpractical and creative thinking tools that are easyto understand and can be applied immediately.There will be time dedicated to practicing usingthese techniques through practical exercises in ahighly interactive session.Benefits to you and your company A fascinating course that you will be able to drawon for the rest of your career. You will benefit fromdeveloping skills for improved creative thinking,problem solving and decision making. You willgain an understanding of how to develop andaction more ideas, both individually and in teams.Organisations will benefit from developing acapability in creativity. This important and widelyused business tool can be used forunderstanding and resolving issues, from theidentification of new strategic opportunities,development of competitively different productsand services and for continuous improvement. Who this course is forManagers who are in a role where there areproblems to be solved, opportunities to beexploited, challenges to be addressed andsolutions that aren't obvious.Anyone who wants to generate new ideas quicklyor who wants to develop their creativity,innovativeness and entrepreneurialism.What you will learn ßThe strategic importance of spotting newopportunities through creative thinking, as wellas seeing challenges from a new perspective.ßProblem analysis - identify the real root causeof a problem, avoid analysis paralysis.ßGenerate, develop and select ideas - creativeexploration, thinking without restraint.ßMaking decisions and taking action -appropriate solutions, prioritisation, reachingconsensus and commitment.ßImprove 'team thinking'.Learning approachTheory, case studies and exercises will beapplied to explore an opportunity or issuebelonging to the delegate's organisation. Thinking and Creativity SkillsInsights and Innovation46Training bookings and advice +44 (0)1628 427200