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Understand and contributeconfidently to yourorganisation's marketing21 CPD hoursCoursecode0023Level FoundationDuration3 days Venues and datesLondon201205-07NovemberMoor Hall, Berkshire201128-30September05-07December201207-09February21-23May20-22AugustResidentialPrice£1,975+ VATCIM Member price£1,777+ VATWhat's includedTuition, course materialsand full boardaccommodationNon-residentialPrice£1,775+ VATCIM Member price£1,597+ VATWhat's includedTuition, course materials,lunch and This course is designed to introduce delegates tothe purpose, importance and potential role ofmarketing in their organisation. It will explore keyconcepts, tools and language used in marketingand how the tools can be used to identify andexploit opportunities to achieve the organisation'sbusiness aims.Benefits to you and your company The course will utilise your managementexperience and provide an opportunity todevelop your marketing skills. You will return toyour organisation with the confidence to make asignificant input into your marketing function. Thiscourse is ideal as part of a career developmentprogramme for managers who are taking ongreater marketing responsibilities or more generalmanagement responsibilities.Managers throughout your organisation, with anew knowledge of marketing, will be able toactively input into the formulation of strategieswhen marketing planning and building customerrelations, resulting in a more customer andmarket focused organisation.Who this course is for No marketing training is necessary. This course isdesigned for sales, finance, HR managers etc.who have experience in their role or discipline intheir organisation, who wish to broaden theirmanagement knowledge and skills in marketing.You may not necessarily be in a hands-on role inmarketing but you need to be able to contributeto the planning process and work alongsideothers who do. What you will learn ßAppreciate the potential role of marketing inyour organisation, and be more involved inmarketing decisions.ßHow to produce a marketing plan - a templatemarketing plan will be provided.ßSegment your customers and markets, andunderstand them better.ßManage a portfolio of products/markets/brands.ßWrite a market research brief and proposal - a template market research proposal formwill be provided.ßWrite a brand positioning statement for yourbrand.ßWrite a marketing communications plan - a template marcoms plan will be provided.ßAppraise your organisation's digital marketing.ßDevelop a longer relationship approach withyour customers.ßDeal with marketing issues more confidently.Learning approachßInteractive, group work.ßApplication to delegate's own organisation. ßTemplate plans will be provided to assist thedelegates.ßAnalysis of up to date case studies.The Manager's Guide to MarketingEssentials of Marketing42Training bookings and advice +44 (0)1628 427200Residential optionAny one of our 130 trainingcourses can be delivereddirect to teams in-houseWe can work with you to create anddeliver learning and developmentsolutions that will drive teamperformance and improve results...To find out more contact ourcorporate training advice team on...Tel: +44 (0)1628 427250Email: developed to meetyour specific needsMore complex solutions coveringskills gap analysis, through toplanning, development and delivery

"Excellent foundation course - welldelivered at the right pace. Thecourse directors were also veryengaging with the whole group."Alison MacleodPersonal Assistant, Howden Compressors Ltd"Great lecturers, great tips to takeaway and apply in business."Sonali VadgamaMarketing Executive, Southern RailwayIfyouhaveateam(6+)whowouldbenefitfromthisBootcamp,whynotletuscometoyou?Wecandeliverthecourseswhenyouwantandeventailorthecontenttosuityourneeds.Findoutmorebycalling+44(0)1628427250.Overview This intensive five day programme offers an exciting and innovative way to acquire the core skills you need as a marketer. It combines fiveessential courses which cover the fundamental concepts of marketing and marketing communications, including the latest digital communicationsand technologies.The five courses covered include: ßFundamentals of MarketingßIntroduction to Marketing CommunicationsßPrinciples of Great Copywriting ßIntroduction to Digital MarketingßIntroduction to Marketing Metrics and ROIMarketing bootcamp runs over five consecutive days and is delivered atCIM's dedicated training centre, Moor Hall in Berkshire, which offers the idealenvironment for learning new skills and networking with fellow marketers.(See more about Moor Hall on page 127.)Benefits to you and your company This bootcamp is designed to provide the basic understanding and skills thatunderpin the execution of great marketing campaigns. It will give you arounded set of practical marketing skills, with a particular emphasis onmarketing communications and leave you eager to put into practice whatyou've learned.Delegates attending the bootcamp will gain a thorough grounding in the latestmarketing communications tools and techniques. They will also learn the keyprinciples of marketing and see how these can be applied to improve theeffectiveness of your marketing efforts and your organisation's performance.Who this course is forIdeal for new recruits in marketing or junior marketers who want to develop a rounded set of practical marketing skills over a short time period.What you will learn ßWhat marketing is, what it does and how to use it to improve yourorganisation's profits.ßA solid grounding in the tools, techniques and approaches used inprofessional marketing communications.ßPrinciples of great copywriting - how to write outstanding and brand-building copy.ßHow to exploit digital marketing tools and techniques to improve yourcustomer value proposition and overall competitiveness.ßHow to use marketing metrics to measure marketing performance and measure ROI (Return on Investment).Learning approachThis programme takes a modular approach in that you will cover a differentsubject area each day, and will be taught by a number of subject experts.The overall experience is intensive and fast-paced, with a strong emphasison practical application throughout.Marketing BootcampBook 43Essentials of Marketing35 CPD hoursCoursecode0900Level FoundationDuration5 daysVenues and datesMoor Hall, Berkshire201103-07 October201228 May-01 June10-14 SeptemberPackage Price£2,300+ VATCIM Member price£2,070+ VATWhat's includedThis fully-inclusive priceincludes tuition, coursematerials and full boardaccommodation for fivedays (and four nights). It represents a saving of £450 on the price ofattending the coursesindividually and includes the bootcamp experience(including full boardaccommodation) for free. key marketing skills at our intensive marketing workoutResidential option