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39Essentials of MarketingCourseDurationPageFoundationFundamentals of Marketing1 day workshop40Fundamentals of Marketing B2B1 day workshop40Fundamentals of Marketing for NFP and Public Sector1 day workshop41PA's Guide to Marketing1 day workshop41The Manager's Guide to Marketing3 day course42Marketing Bootcamp5 day course43For classification levels please refer to page 3For latest courses and dates check

Delivering value through marketingto drive business success7 CPD hoursCoursecode0550Level FoundationDuration1 day Venues and datesLondon201122September 20October 23November 15December 201226January 23February 20March21May 02July18October 11DecemberBirmingham201115September201214June26November Manchester201125November 201223April 18SeptemberReading201202AugustPrice£550+ VATCIM Member price£495+ VATWhat's includedTuition, course materials,lunch and"Being new tomarketing thiscourse wasexactly what Ineeded. It taughtme the basicconcepts andtheory behind the jargon. Thetutor was fantasticand I look forwardto continuing mytraining with CIMLearning andDevelopment very soon."Sarah TeddeSales & Marketing Co-ordinator, Nisa InternationalOverview The workshop highlights the growing importanceof marketing in organisations today. It willintroduce you to the key principles of marketingand demonstrate how these can be applied toimprove your organisation's performance througheffective marketing activity.Benefits to you and your company Understand what marketing is and how it improvesyour organisation's profitability andcompetitiveness. Participate with increasedconfidence in the work of your department byunderstanding the role and importance ofmarketing within your organisation. The knowledgeof marketing principles can be used to enhanceyour skills and practical application of marketingand support your future career development.By developing an understanding of key principlesand practice, marketing staff will better worktogether to develop a customer and market-driven approach. This understanding of anintegrated marketing approach will benefit yourorganisation in terms of efficiency and ensureeffective performance in the marketplace.Who this course is for If you are newly appointed to a marketingfunction (less than two years experience), or workwithin another function but want to understandyour relationship with the marketing departmentand contribute to marketing strategy, thisworkshop is for you.Directors and managers of small firms will gain an insight into the value of marketing fortheir situation. What you will learn ßApply the basic concepts and principles ofmarketing to become more customer andmarket-driven.ßUnderstand marketing terminology.ßSegment your market.ßUnderstand and develop an analysis of themarketing environment.ßSource and use market research.ßUnderstand the marketing mix, distributionchannels, price structures, advertising, salespromotion and the relationship between salesand marketing.ßDiscriminate between good and bad marketingpractice.ßContribute more effectively to the marketingactivities of your organisation.Learning approachßAn interactive style.ßKey concepts supported with examples.ßActivities to reinforce the learning.ßDiscussion amongst the delegates isencouraged to share experience andexamples of good practice.Fundamentals of MarketingImproving company competitivenessand performance in the business-tobusiness marketplace7 CPD hoursCoursecode0956Level FoundationDuration1 dayVenues and datesLondon201123September 16December 201222February 21March19April07June03July19October 10DecemberBirmingham201114SeptemberManchester201124November Reading201201AugustPrice£550+ VATCIM Member price£495+ VATWhat's includedTuition, course materials,lunch and This workshop will provide you with a knowledgeand understanding of key business to business(B2B) marketing principles and processes. The workshop outlines how these principles can be applied and how they can contribute to your organisation's performance andcompetitiveness. Case studies are provided anddiscussed highlighting best practice in the field of B2B marketing.Benefits to you and your company You will understand the essential differencesbetween B2B and business to consumer (B2C)marketing. By providing a foundation of B2Bmarketing principles and identifying current bestpractice in the field of B2B marketing, you will beable to contribute more effectively to themarketing process within your organisation.Your employee will gain a practical understanding of B2B marketing, identify currentbest practice and look at the main techniques,tools and concepts that can be used to improve organisation growth, profitability andmarketing effectiveness.Who this course is forYou should attend this workshop if you havedirect responsibility for or involvement in themarketing of products and services tobusinesses. It will appeal to both experiencedmarketers new to B2B and those newlyappointed to the marketing function. It will alsohelp those within other functions to contribute tomarketing strategy. Directors and managers ofsmall firms will also gain an insight into the valueof B2B marketing principles for their situation.What you will learn ßApply the basic concepts and principles ofB2B marketing.ßSegment your customers and position yourorganisation in the marketplace.ßUnderstand your markets and customers.ßManage customer relationship management.ßBuild a value proposition.ßUnderstand product, service and channelmanagement.ßDevelop an integrated marketing mix.ßIdentify current developments in B2Bmarketing. ßUnderstand the relationship betweenmarketing and sales.ßContribute more effectively to the marketingactivities of your organisation.Learning approachßInteractive style.ßExplanation of the key concepts supportedwith examples and activities to reinforce thelearning.ßDiscussion amongst the delegates isencouraged to share experience andexamples of good practice.Fundamentals of Marketing B2BEssentials of Marketing40Training bookings and advice +44 (0)1628 427200