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Delivering organisational successby putting the customer at the heartof planningStrategic Marketing MasterclassBook 35Strategy and PlanningHow to justify marketing expenditureto the board7 CPD hoursCoursecode0428Level MasterclassDuration1 dayVenues and datesLondon201101November201212April08NovemberPrice£550+ VATCIM Member price£495+ VATWhat's includedTuition, course materials,lunch and ProfessorMalcolm H.B.McDonald MA (Oxon),MSc, PhD, D.Litt.FCIM FRSA Malcolm McDonald is anEmeritus Professor atCranfield and a VisitingProfessor at Henley,Warwick, Aston andBradford BusinessSchools. He is Chairmanof Brand Finance plc andfive small companies, butalso spends much of histime working with theoperating boards of theworld's biggestmultinational companies,such as IBM, Xerox andBP. He has written 43books, including the bestseller 'Marketing Plans;how to prepare them; howto use them'. Apart frommarket segmentation, hiscurrent interests centrearound the measurementof the financial impact ofmarketing expenditureand global best practicekey accountmanagement.Overview This masterclass is very much about marketing inthe boardroom. As marketers we must serve twodistinct groups: firstly, customers who want themost value for the lowest outlay and, secondly,shareholders who want the greatest return for thelowest investment and risk. Neither of these groupswill remain loyal if they can achieve better valueelsewhere. This research-based masterclass,delivered by one of the world's leading marketingthinkers provides a way of measuring the riskassociated with a marketing strategy and the likelyvalue it will create for shareholders. Benefits to you and your company You will use the processes we reveal to identifywhether or not you have either a robust strategythat you can prove to the board, or to discoveryou haven't and have to go back to basics andreformulate your strategy. You will learn how todevelop robust value creating strategies thatbreak away from the vapid forecasting andbudgeting that characterises most marketing plans.Marketing Accountability involves the carefulevaluation of the business plan and what liesbeneath it. It is an objective process that pays noheed to opinion and provides a research-based,objective answer to the questions: is ourbusiness plan world class?; can we justifymarketing expenditure?; does this business plancreate shareholder value? Who this course is for This course is for senior marketers at Head of or Director level who are responsible for thedevelopment of high level plans and strategies. What you will learn ßHow to develop a world class winning strategy.ßHow to justify your marketing expenditure tothe board.ßHow the marketing due diligence process isdeveloped and applied.ßHow to develop the implications of the strategyand conduct rigorous and logical analysis.ßWork through the 15 risk factors and assessthe probability of them occurring.ßHow to identify with absolute accuracy theweaknesses in a particular strategy along withappropriate corrective action.ßHow to assess whether or not the strategydelivers shareholder value.ßHow to create a substantive piece of evidencethat can be used in negotiations with investorsor in connection with other sources of finance.Learning approachßAn interactive and thought-provoking high-levelexchange between Professor McDonald andthe group.ßCase studies and group discussion.ßDue to the calibre of people attending, thereare excellent opportunities for peer-to-peerlearning.Residential optionMarketing Accountability35 CPD hoursCoursecode0174Level MasterclassDuration5 days (split *3+2)Venues and datesMoor Hall, BerkshireModule 1 (3 day)+Module 2(2 day)201111-14October+21-22November201214-17February+ 26-27March15-18May+ 25-26June18-21September+ 29-30OctoberResidentialPrice£3,845+ VATCIM Member price£3,460+ VATWhat's includedTuition, course materialsand full boardaccommodationNon-residentialPrice£3,445+ VATCIM Member price£3,100+ VATWhat's includedTuition, course materials,lunch and refreshments*NoteModule 1 starts in theevening of Day 1, followedby 3 full days' Mayer Richard Mayer is activelyinvolved in marketingtraining for a range ofclients. His main interestlies in improvingprofessional marketingstandards, with aparticular focus on B2B marketing andstrategic marketingplanning in both theprivate and public sector.Overview The main challenge facing many organisationstoday is how to ensure their activities arecustomer focused and their strategy externallydriven. A challenging business environmentdrives the continual search for competitiveadvantage and this masterclass is designed toprovide delegates with the knowledge, tools andtechniques to achieve this. Benefits to you and your company This masterclass provides you with an opportunityto review your current approaches and comparethese with good practice and other sectors. Theprocess will help you build your confidence andprovide the evidence needed to make a businesscase in order to support stronger externalorientation and customer led planning. This masterclass will provide your manager withthe time and catalysts to help them identifyopportunities that could directly improve yourcompetitive advantage and your planning process.The programme is split (3 + 2 days), allowingparticipants to reflect on experiences and learningfrom the first module, before returning to addressthe specific strategic marketing challenges facingtheir own organisation. Who this course is for Delegates need to be experienced managers,from a marketing or non marketing background,involved with business planning and strategydevelopment and/or who have the authority todevelop and implement marketing plans andstrategy. What you will learn ßStructure and write strategic and operationalmarketing plans.ßAssess your organisation's use of strategicmarketing and make constructiverecommendations to maximise 'business'benefits from a customer orientatedperspective.ßAppreciate the customer-focused planningprocess and be able to map yourorganisation's decision-making against it.ßUse tools and techniques that ensure planningis externally focused.ßManage segmentation analysis and decisionmaking.ßRecognise barriers to achieving highperformance organisations and teams, and beable to recommend practical steps toovercome these.ßBe able to recommend a range of controlmetrics in financial and marketing terms.Learning approachThe non-competitive environment is a balance oftraditional delivery from a highly experiencedconsultant practitioner, with clinic sessions, groupactivities and social learning amongst peers.

Understanding how to develop amarketing-led approach to theprovision of NHS services7 CPD hoursCoursecode0090Level AdvancedDuration1 dayVenues and datesLondon201127September 201223January 02OctoberPrice£550+ VATCIM Member price£495+ VATWhat's includedTuition, course materials,lunch and refreshmentsRelated coursesßThe Role of Branding in the NHS (p54)ßMarketing Metrics in the NHS (p85) NHS managers are increasingly under pressure tooptimise return on diminishing resources. Thiscourse will help delegates to focus on who theirreal key stakeholders are and through the use ofmarketing techniques optimise service provisionfor a wide range of stakeholder needs.Benefits to you and your company You will learn how to adopt a marketing approachto the delivery of services in the NHS within thecurrent competitive landscape. The organisationwill be confident that participants will have agood understanding of contemporary techniquesfor operating within a competitive healthenvironment.Who this course is forThis course is suitable for anyone working in the NHS who needs to develop a betterunderstanding of why a marketing-led approachhelps it to become more competitive. It will besuitable for Communications Managers withoutmarketing experience. What you will learn You will learn a range of techniques to help youadopt a more marketing-led approach toplanning.ßEnvironmental analysis.ßMarketing research.ßCustomer segmentation.ßCustomer relationship management (patientcarer public engagement).ßThe role of branding.ßCompetitive positioning.Learning approachThe session is run as a highly interactivediscussion-based workshop utilising group work and presentations focused specifically on the NHS.Principles of Marketing for the NHSStrategy and Planning36Training bookings and advice +44 (0)1628 427200Courses for the NHSTechnology has utterly transformed the marketingenvironment within the NHS and few companies haveharnessed that technology better than Dr Foster. Theirservices allow marketers within the NHS to drill downdeeply into the raw data they possess and throughanalysis turn that data into actionable insights that areof significant benefit to NHS trusts. They provide thecornerstone of effective business development andsocial marketing campaigns. CIM has partnered with Dr Foster to encourage bestmarketing practice throughout the NHS and will beworking closely together with them to develop trainingprogrammes at the cutting edge of marketing practicein today's National Health Service. These courses are offered as public programmesbut we can also deliver directly to your team.Contact us to discuss your requirements.Principles of Marketing for the NHSpage 36Marketing Metrics in the NHSpage 85The Role of Branding in the NHSpage 54In partnership withDr Foster's, Hospital Marketing Manager(HMM) tool helps over 70% of all acute trustsplan and develop their servicesthrough understanding theirreferral patterns and devisinglocal marketing strategies.