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Develop your social media strategy todeliver customer engagement andsustained business benefits7 CPD hoursCoursecode0745Level AdvancedDuration1 dayVenues and datesLondon201129September 22December 201222March 06June11DecemberReading201208AugustPrice£550+ VATCIM Member price£495+ VATWhat's includedTuition, course materials,lunch and refreshmentsRelated coursesßManaging DigitalMarketing (p27)ßDigital Marketing (p24) Social media offers frequent and unmediatedaccess to customers and brand influencers. Thiscourse will provide you with an approach todeveloping an integrated social media marketingstrategy and advanced tactics for reachinginfluencers and building customer engagement.You will learn how to optimise the use of socialmedia within a multichannel marketing plan andwill be introduced to techniques to developcustomer service, reputation management andgovernance best practice.Benefits to you and your company Delegates will benefit by understanding how toplace social media in a business context anddevelop the skills to plan, manage and measuresocial media activities.Organisations will benefit from a more strategicapproach to social media that will help guideresource allocation, management, brand andproduct development, customer service andcustomer relationships.Who this course is for This course is for marketers who already have a social media programme and are looking totake their social media success to the next level by integrating it into the wider organisation.This course will be useful for managers andsenior executives who are looking to formaliseoperational activities and develop a strategicapproach. What you will learn ßCreate and align your social media strategywith company objectives.ßIntroduce best practice social mediagovernance to your business.ßUse a multi-channel framework that will enableyou to build a social media enabled marketingcampaign.ßReach influencers and turn followers into fans,and fans into engaged customers.ßDevelop a social media metrics dashboard.ßSelect a social media agency to partner with.ßAssess the appropriateness and viability offree and paid-for social media tools.ßEncourage the use of social tools within yourorganisation.ßEnsure a reasonable rate of return on yoursocial media investment.ßManage a crisis.ßUse social media as a customer servicechannel.Learning approachAn interactive workshop that combines wholegroup discussion with pair and group work.Case studies are analysed, and exercises andactivities are used to apply the learning to yourown company.Advanced Social Media MarketingTaking email marketing to thenext level7 CPD hoursCoursecode0749Level AdvancedDuration1 dayVenues and datesLondon201107October 201221February 24July16OctoberManchester201224April Price£550+ VATCIM Member price£495+ VATWhat's includedTuition, course materials,lunch and refreshmentsRelated courseßDigital Marketing (p24) Email marketing is a cost-effective and highlyengaging part of the digital marketing mix. It isalso one of the most challenging due to issues likespam, changes in how we use email and the fastchanging digital environment. This course offers an advanced and practicalguide to getting the most from email campaignsusing the latest techniques and tools.Benefits to you and your company You will leave with a knowledge of the latest tools,testing techniques and reporting methodolgies toimprove results in every aspect of yourcampaign, from data collection and sign up, toanalytics analysis and reporting. Organisations will benefit from acquiringknowledge of industry best practice, using thelatest email marketing tools and delivering highlyeffective reporting that increases open rates, clickthrough rates and essentially the bottom line.Who this course is forMarketers looking to improve the results of theiremail marketing by going beyond the basics.What you will learn ßPlan and execute effective email campaignsfrom initial concept to analysis.ßIdentify the most suitable email marketing toolsfor your campaign.ßIntegrate your email campaigns with your othermarketing activities.ßUse social media and email marketing forbetter results.ßInterpret your analytics to improve yourcampaigns.ßUse A/B and multivariance testing to improveyour emails.ßOptimise and improve your landing pages.ßSegment your data for better response rates.ßUnderstand the legal and best practiceframeworks for email marketing.Learning approachCovering best practice and using case studiesand exercises throughout, the course offers apractical guide to the core techniques in digitalmarketing. Online tools and reference materialsare highlighted throughout so that the materialcovered can be put into practice immediatelyupon return to the office.Advanced Email MarketingDigital Marketing26Training bookings and advice +44 (0)1628 427200

Create a roadmap to developyour digital marketing strategyand capabilityOverview A strategic approach to digital marketing requiresclarity on vision and goals. Presenting anadvanced framework for reviewing and improvingyour current digital strategy, this course explainskey decision points to identify new opportunitiesacross the digital mix. The result is a betterstrategic approach to achieving yourorganisation's online objectives.Benefits to you and your company You will have greater confidence to review theoptions for incorporating digital tools within yourmarketing strategy and campaign activities. Youwill learn a tried and tested approach toimproving e-marketing within your organisationand will be able to justify your strategic approach.Businesses can be sure they are adopting anddeveloping a structured approach to exploiting theinternet and related digital communicationstechnologies. Employees will gain greaterconfidence by taking away practical advice that isimmediately relevant and useful as well as a clearerstrategic focus leading to better overall results.Who this course is forThis course assumes a working knowledge ofdigital media. Attendees who will benefit mostfrom this course are marketing managers whohave a responsibility for e-marketing and digitalcommunications.What you will learn ßReview the dynamics and new trends of yourmarketplace. ßEvaluate the impact of digital on your team,your organisation and your brand.ßUnderstand how to maximise the principles ofnew media strategy.ßDefine a vision and set goals for your e-marketing strategy.ßReview and select strategic priorities for yourcompany.ßUnderstand the pros and cons of the range ofdigital tools.ßMap the appropriate digital tools to achievemarketing objectives.ßDevelop a plan to integrate traditionalcommunications with digital communications.ßIdentify KPIs and deploy tools to monitor andimprove your web marketing.Learning approachThe instructor takes a modular approach to the day. Each topic area is presented coveringgood theoretical practice, highlighted withexamples, followed by short group exercises.Discussion and debate is encouraged withdelegates asked to provide examples fromwithin their own organisations.Managing Digital MarketingBook 27Digital Marketing7 CPD hoursCoursecode0649Level AdvancedDuration1 dayVenues and datesLondon201106September 07December 201206June 18SeptemberBirmingham201228NovemberManchester201226April Price£550+ VATCIM Member price£495+ VATWhat's includedTuition, course materials,lunch and refreshmentsRelated coursesßIntegrated DigitalMarketing (p23)ßRunning Effective DigitalCampaigns (p22)ßManaging Digital Teams(p22)"Great course -lots of usefultheory, modelsand examples."Jody DaviesDVLA PersonalisedRegistrationsLearn how nudge marketing candeliver world class digital marketingstrategy across the web14 CPD hoursCoursecode0189Level MasterclassDuration2 daysVenues and datesLondon201226-27March19-20SeptemberMoor Hall, Berkshire201128-29November201218-19JuneResidentialPrice£1,815+ VATCIM Member price£1,633+ VATWhat's includedTuition, course materialsand full boardaccommodationNon-residentialPrice£1,715+ VATCIM Member price£1,543+ VATWhat's includedTuition, course materials,lunch and Boulton Jim Boulton is a partnerat post-advertisingagency, StoryWorldwide, where heconsults on all aspectsof digital communicationfor clients includingAgent Provocateur,Duchy Originals,Johnson & Johnson,Lexus and Estée Lauder.Jim also curates theGoogle sponsored event'Digital Archaeology', an exhibition thatcelebrates the goldenage of the website andis a central part ofInternet Week on bothsides of the Atlantic.Overview Centred around case studies, effective tools andfirst-hand experience of digital marketingtechniques that work, this course will empowerand inspire delegates to rethink theirorganisation's digital marketing. Drawing onmacro-trends, systematic processes, behaviouraleconomics and an analysis of the evolving digitallandscape, you will be able to identify, prioritise,plan and manage digital marketing initiatives thatwill significantly improve user experiences andencourage loyalty.Benefits to you and your company This course will demystify the social web andreveal the intangible 'magic' that makes thedifference between an online brand and an onlinesuperbrand. Delegates on this course are leadingthe curve or ready to catch up aggressively. It willbe the catalyst for significant improvements andpresent a new mindset, both crucial for winningin the highly competitive market place. This course will demonstrate how joined upmarketing narratives can be constructed andastonishing levels of customer loyalty achieved.By showing how tactical campaigns can be usedas test beds for strategic planning, organisationswill gain insights on how to optimise budgets andgain maximum ROI.Who this course is forAmbitious marketers, notably marketing directorsand senior managers who have a goodunderstanding of the business benefits of digitalmarketing, but feel frustrated by the lack ofestablished processes and standards formanaging the process. The course offers a greatnetworking opportunity to meet and learn fromother players in the industry.What you will learn ßUnderstand how the digital landscape isevolving.ßUnderstand the fundamentals of digitalmarketing.ßUnderstand behavioural economics and how itcan be applied to the web.ßUnderstand online branding and how it isrelevant.ßRecognise the power of branded contentprogrammes.ßUse online advertising techniques.ßCreate, migrate and manage online audiences. ßKnow how to brief and manage agencies.Learning approachA fun and collaborative, case study driven digitalmarketing deep dive.Digital MarketingMasterclassResidential option