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Giving multi-channel customers aconsistent, value-added experiencewhenever and wherever they expect itOverview Research shows that increasingly morecustomers are using multiple channels tointerface with brands, and that they are moreprofitable than single channel customers. Thisworkshop will help you design and deliver anintegrated, multi-channel marketing approach.Whilst the emphasis is on digital marketing, thishas to be dove-tailed with traditional tools andtechniques with a view to achieving synergy andultimately a better experience for both actual andpotential customers.Benefits to you and your company You will learn how to design and implement anintegrated, multi-channel marketing plan,combining traditional and digital tools andtechniques to achieve synergy, with appropriatemulti-channel metrics to assess performance. Better integration and optimisation should lead toa stronger brand proposition, increased brandengagement and interaction and, of course, abetter return on marketing investment.Who this course is forThis workshop is for marketers looking to provide customers with a better, consistent andbranded experience, whichever channel theychoose to utilise.This workshop would suit all marketers who want to integrate their digital and traditionalmarketing activities. What you will learn ßCreate an integrated, multi-channel marketingplan.ßResearch customer expectations and map thecustomer journey. ßUse segmentation to develop alternativepropositions.ßUtilise appropriate integrated tools andtechniques.ßExploit people power (opinion leaders; socialnetworks).ßCombine tools known to work synergistically.ßAvoid common integration mistakes. ßExploit Web 2.0, and in particular social mediamarketing tools.ßDetermine budget spend (online versus offline).ßTest various propositions.ßUse appropriate metrics to assess level ofintegration, customer utilisation andsatisfaction.Learning approachA mixture of slides, discussions, exercises andlots of relevant case studies. The emphasis is onpractical application with reference to bestpractice and award winning campaigns.Integrated Digital MarketingBook 23Digital Marketing7 CPD hoursCoursecode0744Level FoundationDuration1 dayVenues and datesLondon201112September06December201207February21May02OctoberPrice£550+ VATCIM Member price£495+ VATWhat's includedTuition, course materials,lunch and refreshmentsRelated courseßDigital Marketing (p24) targeted leads and highvolume sales with effectiveaffiliate marketing7 CPD hoursCoursecode1229Level FoundationDuration1 dayVenues and datesLondon201128September14December201222February09May10OctoberPrice£550+ VATCIM Member price£495+ VATWhat's includedTuition, course materials,lunch and refreshmentsRelated courseßHow to Write for the Web(p79) A rapidly expanding web-based marketingpractice using one site to drive traffic to another,affiliate marketing is one of the most lucrativeways to boost your web sales, generate leadsand improve online brand reach. This one-dayworkshop looks at this fascinating practice indetail, offers a step-by-step guide to developinga successful strategy and illustrates how topromote your programme.Benefits to you and your company Individuals will benefit from a greaterunderstanding of how affiliate marketingprogrammes work, the main elements and how to plan and implement an effectiveprogramme. This will add to your range of onlinemarketing tools and give you greater confidenceas an e-marketer. With a greater range of skills within your onlinemarketing team, organisations will benefit fromincreased visibility for their products andservices, greater brand reach and an uplift in sales leads. This results in more profitableweb-based business partnerships and greater ROI.Who this course is forThis workshop is ideal for sales and marketingpractitioners, e-marketers, e-commerceprofessionals and digital consultants. It providesadditional scope for online marketing efforts andhelps consolidate online marketing plans. Onlinecreative partners and agencies will also benefitfrom this growing web practice.What you will learn ßDefine and discuss the main elements ofaffiliate marketing.ßUnderstand tracking and how affiliateprogrammes function.ßBuild and implement an affiliate marketingstrategy.ßRecognise and identify affiliate marketingopportunities.ßPick the right affiliate partners and networks.ßSelect better online partnership deals. ßMarket and promote your affiliate programme.ßWork more efficiently with online communities.ßEarn greater commission from notable affiliateprogrammes.ßBuild powerful online networks.Learning approachThe instructor takes a modular approach to the day. Each topic area is presented coveringgood theoretical practice, highlighted withexamples, followed by short group exercises.Discussion and debate is encouraged withdelegates asked to provide examples from within their own organisations.Affiliate Marketing

A complete guide to digital marketingbest practice, techniques and tools21 CPD hoursCoursecode0066Level AdvancedDuration3 days Venues and datesMoor Hall, Berkshire201103-05October 201222-24February 09-11May 30 July-01August17-19OctoberBirmingham201112-14September201226-28November12-14JuneManchester201114-16November 201227-25April 18-20 SeptemberResidentialPrice£1,975+ VATCIM Member price£1,777+ VATWhat's includedTuition, course materialsand full boardaccommodationNon-residentialPrice£1,775+ VATCIM Member price£1,597+ VATWhat's includedTuition, course materials,lunch and refreshmentsRelated courseDigital MarketingMasterclass (p27)"This course wasvery in-depth. Itcovered all of theareas I neededand offered thesupport to moveforwards. Thetools were reallygood and thecourse directorwas great!"Richard FarrimondEcommerce Manager,Edgar BrothersOverview This course is for anyone who wants tounderstand the key elements of building effectivedigital marketing campaigns and strategies.Covering best practice and using case studiesthroughout, the session offers a practical guideto the core techniques in digital marketing. Onlinetools and reference materials are highlightedthroughout, enabling delegates to leave with solidhands-on knowledge that they can implementimmediately upon return to the office.Benefits to you and your company You will be able to produce better results throughthe quick wins and techniques you learn on thecourse. You will also be able to question, discussand control internal or external specialistscompleting the work.Costly mistakes and inefficiencies will be reduced through following best practiceapproaches across the different aspects of digitalmedia. A more coherent, customer-centricplanned approach to digital marketing will bedeveloped focusing on priorities which will givethe best returns. Who this course is for This is a practical course for anyone involved withthe hands-on management of digital channels, orthe over-arching digital strategy. You may beworking in a client side or agency side role, eitheras a digital marketing specialist or a marketer. What you will learn Create and/or improve a programme formeasuring and improving digital mediaeffectiveness and ROI.Audit current approaches and identify areas forimproving performance.Search engine optimisation (SEO).Pay Per Click marketing including GoogleAdWords.Social media including Facebook, Twitter,blogging etc.Partner marketing including affiliate marketingand link-building.Online advertising including ad networks andbehavioural targeting.E-mail marketing including deliverability.Site structure, usability and template designs.Site content and copy.Digital marketing strategy.Analytics and data.Learning approachCovering best practice and using case studies and practical examples throughout, the course offers a practical guide to the coretechniques in digital marketing. Online tools andreference materials are highlighted throughoutso that the material covered can beimplemented immediately.Digital MarketingDigital Marketing24Training bookings and advice +44 (0)1628 427200Residential option