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13Digital Marketing CoursesCourseDurationPageFoundationIntroduction to Digital Marketing1 day workshop14Search Engine Marketing1 day workshop14Google Analytics1 day workshop15DIY Digital Marketing1 day workshop15Social Media Marketing1 day workshop16Social Media Marketing B2B1 day workshop16Social Media Marketing for the Public Sector and NFP1 day workshop17Email Marketing1 day workshop18Mobile Marketing1 day workshop18Viral Marketing and Social Media1 day workshop19Online PR and Reputation Management1 day workshop20Transform Your Website Design1 day workshop21Creating a Great Web Experience 1 day workshop21Running Effective Digital Campaigns2 day course22Managing Digital Teams1 day workshop22Integrated Digital Marketing1 day workshop23Affiliate Marketing1 day workshop23AdvancedManaging the Risks of Social Networks1 day workshop17Digital Marketing3 day course24Advanced SEM -Paid Search Advertising1 day workshop25Advanced SEM -Organic Search Engine Optimisation1 day workshop25Advanced Social Media Marketing1 day workshop26Advanced Email Marketing1 day workshop26Managing Digital Marketing 1 day workshop27MasterclassDigital Marketing Masterclass2 day course27see also...Marketing Through a Digital Lens1 day workshop10Digital Metrics and Analytics1 day workshop84For classification levels please refer to page 3For latest courses and dates check

A 'digital marketing 101' - everythingyou need to know to be a successfuldigital marketer7 CPD hoursCoursecode0764Level FoundationDuration1 day Venues and datesLondon201205January 06FebruaryBirmingham201114September 201214June26NovemberManchester201114November 201223April 17SeptemberReading201206AugustPrice£550+ VATCIM Member price£495+ VATWhat's includedTuition, course materials,lunch and refreshmentsRelated coursesßIntegrated DigitalMarketing (p23)ßRunning Effective DigitalMarketing Campaigns(p22) Every marketer needs to understand how toexploit digital marketing tools and techniques inorder to improve their customer value propositionand overall competitiveness. That meansdesigning an accessible, usable and valueadding website and using a range of interrelateddigital marketing facilities to drive traffic,conversion, engagement and referrals. Benefits to you and your company You will develop a better understanding of thealternative digital marketing tools and techniquesavailable as well as their appropriate use andmeasurement. You will develop a more strategicand professional approach to your digitalmarketing, with a view to optimising yourcustomers' interactive experience.A better understanding of both established digitalmarketing tools and techniques (website, email...)and newer ones (blogs/microblogs, socialnetworks, podcasts, wikis...), coupled with aninsight into best practice application, shouldensure your organisation is in a position to delivera better customer experience and ultimatelyreturn on investment.Who this course is for This workshop is designed for people/organisations who want to get a betterunderstanding of the key digital marketing toolsand techniques with a view to improving theirdigital marketing. What you will learn ßDefine 'digital marketing' explicitly and whyyou should invest in it.ßCreate an integrated 'Web 2.0 DigitalMarketing Plan'.ßUnderstand the different needs, wants anddesires of different audiences using research.ßDevelop clear and measurable objectives. ßDesign and implement a best practicewebsite. ßGet found on the web using search engineoptimisation.ßBuild credibility using tools such as blogs,online PR, social media and networks.ßSelect the most appropriate digital marketingtool based on your objectives.ßDesign, develop and deliver your digitalmarketing proposition.ßDevelop a 'permission based' approach tobuilding relationships. ßUse web analytics and metrics to evaluateeffectiveness. ßDo all of the above within the impinginglegal/regulatory environment.Learning approachA mixture of slides, exercises, demos,discussion and various YouTube videos, coupled with hands-on activities.Introduction to Digital MarketingPlanning and managing searchmarketing to work for your website 7 CPD hoursCoursecode1157Level FoundationDuration1 dayVenues and datesLondon201226January 04May 21November Birmingham201121SeptemberReading201203AugustPrice£550+ VATCIM Member price£495+ VATWhat's includedTuition, course materials,lunch and refreshmentsRelated coursesßGoogle Analytics (p15)ßAdvanced SEM - PaidSearch Advertising (p25)ßAdvanced SEM - Organic Search EngineOptimisation (p25)"A greatintroduction intothe world of SEO.Will be able toconverse with our media buyersin their ownlanguage."Jody DaviesAuction & Events, DVLAOverview Search engine marketing (SEM) options growevery year, so the key to success is planning andmanagement as well as technical knowledge. This structured course will take you through settinggoals, budgeting, planning and measurementacross paid search and SEO. It will lead to a betterunderstanding and confidence in dealing with bothinternal and external agencies.Benefits to you and your company You will gain confidence and knowledge of theterminology and best practice of SEM planning,SEO projects and PPC campaigns. You will beable to judge a search agency or consultant'sabilities, look for 'red flags' for poor quality workand focus on the important aspects of searchthat will make your daily job easier. Your organisation will benefit from a structuredSEM plan that focuses on delivering realbusiness value and KPIs. As a result they willalso gain a greater return on investment. Who this course is forThis course is aimed at marketers responsible for SEM planning in their organisation. It is alsosuitable for people in the broader web, marketingor PR teams looking to understand how thisimportant channel works. What you will learn ßKnow free research tools and methods. ßUnderstand SEM planning and budgeting. ßEvaluate in-house and agency search teams.ßUse tried and tested best practice techniquesfor managing both free (organic) and paidsearch (pay-per-click).ßLearn the four signal groups that impact your SEO.ßUse content optimisation to improve on-pagesignals through keywords and metadata. ßPlan and deploy 'white hat' linking strategieswhich improve your relevance and authority as a site. ßGet quick wins for your social media marketingto improve your SEO. ßAvoid common search pitfalls and technicalchallenges. ßImprove the search engines trust in your site toimprove both your SEO and conversion rates. ßLearn how to gain real actionable insights toyour search marketing using web analytics and other tools. Learning approachThis highly practical workshop encompassesinteraction with the web, group/individualexercises alongside a presentation detailing the latest findings and research.Search Engine MarketingDigital Marketing14Training bookings and advice +44 (0)1628 427200