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Index of CoursesIndex 128Index of CoursesFinancePageBudgeting for Marketers93Business Maths for Marketers93Business Analysis for Marketing Managers92Finance for Sales and Marketing Managers94ForecastingMarket and Sales Forecasting31Health Service see National Health ServiceInfluencing see also Assertiveness, Networking and Coaching SkillsInfluencing Skills to Get Results99Turning Marketing Capability into Business Performance34InnovationNew Product, Service and Business Model Innovation62Internal CommunicationsInternal Communications67Key Account ManagementHow to Develop Key Accounts104Key Account Management108Law see Marketing LawLeadership see also Coaching SkillsManaging Digital Teams22Managing Market Resource98Leadership Skills for New Managers94Market ForecastingMarket and Sales Forecasting31Market ResearchFundamentals of Market Research46Research-based Market Insight47Marketing - AdvancedMarketing Accountability35Turning Marketing Capability into Business Performance34Marketing - IntroductoryFundamentals of Marketing40Fundamentals of Marketing B2B40Fundamentals of Marketing for NFP and Public Sector41Marketing Bootcamp43PA's Guide to Marketing41The Manager's Guide to Marketing 42Marketing CommunicationsMarketing Communications Masterclass71Introduction to Marketing Communications66Managing Marketing Communications71Marketing Bootcamp43Writing an Integrated Marketing Communications Plan70Marketing Finance see FinanceMarketing InsightResearch-based Market Insight47From Market Insight to Marketing Strategy48Marketing LawData Protection for Marketers88Must Know Law for Marketers88Marketing MetricsBrand Metrics52Digital Metrics and Analytics84Google Analytics15Introduction to Marketing Metrics and ROI84Marketing Bootcamp43Marketing Engineering11Marketing Metrics: Measuring Marketing Performance85Marketing Metrics in the NHS85Marketing PlanningIntroduction to Marketing Planning30The Marketing Planning Toolkit30AdvertisingPageAdvanced SEM - Paid Search Advertising25Affiliate MarketingAffiliate Marketing23Agency RelationshipsAgency Briefing and Management69Assertiveness see also Influencing Skills and NetworkingAssert Yourself96BrandingBrand Metrics52Introduction to Branding52Brand ManagementMarketing the Brand54Brand Masterclass55Building the Employer Brand53Powerful Customer Experiences: Strategy to Reality55The Role of Branding in the NHS54Budgeting see FinanceChannel ManagementChannel Management109Coaching SillsCoaching Skills for Managers98Competitive Tendering see TenderingCompetitor IntelligenceCreating Advantage from Competitor Insight47Consumer BehaviourBehavioural Economics for Business Success10Copywriting see also Proofreading and WritingAdvanced Copywriting Skills80Copywriting Masterclass81How to Write the Perfect Brochure and Leaflet78Principles of Great Copywriting78Corporate ResponsibilityCorporate Social Responsibility89Creativity see ThinkingCRM see Customer Relationship MarketingCustomer Relationship MarketingCRM 2.0 -Successful CRM in a Connected World75Foundations of Relationship Marketing74Implementing a CRM Communications Programme74Data Protection see also Marketing LawData Protection for Marketers88Digital Marketing see also Viral Marketing and SEMDigital Metrics and Analytics84Digital Marketing24Digital Marketing Masterclass27DIY Digital Marketing15Google Analytics15Introduction to Digital Marketing 14Integrated Digital Marketing23Managing Digital Marketing 27Managing Digital Teams22Marketing Bootcamp43Marketing Through a Digital Lens10Online PR and Reputation Management20Running Effective Digital Campaigns 22Email see also Digital MarketingAdvanced Email Marketing26Email Marketing18Events and ExhibitionsEssentials for Successful Exhibitions67How to Plan and Control Effective Marketing Events698The Futureof Marketing12DigitalMarketing28StrategyandPlanning 44Insights andInnovation38Essentialsof Marketing

CoursesIndex of CoursesMarketing PlansPageThe Marketing Planning Toolkit30Writing an Integrated Marketing Communications Plan70Marketing Strategy see also Strategic MarketingFundamentals of Strategic Marketing 31Foundations of Marketing Strategy32From Market Insight to Marketing Strategy48Implementing Strategy33Marketing Accountability35Measurements/Metrics see Marketing MetricsMobile MarketingMobile Marketing18National Health ServicePrinciples of Marketing for the NHS36Marketing Metrics in the NHS85The Role of Branding in the NHS54NegotiationBusiness Negotiation Skills106Advanced Negotiation Skills107Networking see also Assertiveness and Influencing SkillsNetworking for Results97New Customer Acquisition see ProspectingNew Product DevelopmentIntroduction to New Product Development59New Product, Service and Business Model Innovation62NFP see Public SectorNeuro Linguistic ProgrammingNLP for Sales Success109Not for Profit see Public SectorOlympicsMaking the Most of the Olympic Opportunity89Online see Search Engine Marketing, Digital Marketing and Website DesignPerformanceTurning Marketing Capability into Business Performance34Planning see Marketing PlanningPresentation SkillsEssential Presentation Skills95Presentation Masterclass99Pricing see also FinanceFundamentals of Pricing58Pricing for Product Managers61Product ManagementFundamentals of Product Management58Pricing for Product Managers61Product Management - Business to Business60Product Management - Business to Consumer60Profitable Product Management61Transforming Product Management into a Strategic Function63Product Development see New Product DevelopmentProject ManagementFundamentals of Project Management92Managing Marketing Resource98Proofreading see also copywritingEffective Proofreading80ProspectingProspecting and New Customer Acquisition103Public relations see also Writing, Copywriting and ProofreadingHow to Write Successful Newsletters and Press Releases79Introduction to Public Relations66Online PR and Reputation Management20Successful Public Relations70Public SectorPageFundamentals of Marketing for NFP and Public Sector41Social Media Marketing for the Public Sector and NFP17Relationship MarketingFoundations of Relationship Marketing74ReputationOnline PR and Reputation Management20Sales ForecastingMarket and Sales Forecasting31Sales Management see also Key AccountsStrategic Sales Planning Masterclass110Sales Management Skills108Search Engine Marketing see also Digital MarketingAdvanced SEM - Paid Search Advertising25Advanced SEM - Organic Search Engine Optimisation25Search Engine Marketing14Selling see also Key Accounts and Telephone SellingAdvanced Selling Techniques106Channel Management109Fundamentals of Selling102Introduction to Selling through Distributors104Principles of Selling102Prospecting and New Customer Acquisition103 ServicesPowerful Customer Experiences: Strategy to Reality55Social MarketingIntroduction to Social Marketing32Social Media see also Viral MarketingAdvanced Social Media Marketing26Managing the Risks of Social Networks17Social Media Marketing 16Social Media Marketing - B2B16Social Media Marketing for the Public Sector and NFP17SponsorshipSponsorship Essentials68Strategic Marketing see also Marketing StrategyFundamentals of Strategic Marketing31Strategic Marketing Masterclass35Strategy see Marketing Strategy and Strategic MarketingTeam Development see LeadershipTelephone SellingFundamentals of Outbound Calling103 TenderingCompetitive Tendering Skills105Thinking Strategic and Creative Thinking Skills48Thinking and Creativity Skills46Time ManagementTime Management96ValueDeveloping Compelling Customer Value Propositions34Viral Marketing see also Social Media, Digital Marketing and SEMViral Marketing and Social Media19Website DesignTransform Your Website Design21 WritingHow to Write for the Web79How to Write Successful Newsletters and Press Releases79How to Write the Perfect Brochure and Leaflet78Writing an Integrated Marketing Communications Plan7050Branding56ProductManagement64MarketingCommunications72RelationshipMarketing 76CopywritingSkills 82Metrics 86Compliance90Business,Managementand Finance100Sales