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126Training bookings and advice +44 (0)1628 427200Terms & ConditionsCan be viewed in full at be made by fax, post, email or online andare regarded as confirmed bookings when made.An online booking form can be accessed should be confirmed within 10 daysand can only be regarded as provisional until wehave received written confirmation.CancellationsWritten notification of cancellation of the coursebooking within 0-30 days of the course date, orfailure to attend a course without prior writtennotification, will be subject to the scale of chargesshown in the Transfer and Cancellation table. Thefull course fee is due 30 days prior to the coursestart date. Courses booked inside 30 days mustbe paid immediately. If payment has already beenmade only the remaining percentage of thecourse fee, after the transfer or cancellationcharges have been applied, shall be refunded.SubstitutionsClients may substitute the original delegate withanother person at no extra charge. Writtennotification is required to substitute a delegate. TransfersWritten notification is required to transfer abooking to another course. Course bookings canbe transferred without charge when notification isreceived 31 or more days prior to the start date ofthe originally booked course.Where notification is received within 15-30 days(inclusive) of the start date of the originally bookedcourse, a once only transfer is allowed with a 25%charge applied based on the original fee. Thetransfer charge will be 50% where notification isreceived within 1-14 days (inclusive) of the coursedate. If that transfer is then cancelled or changedat any time, the full course fee remains payable.Transfers on the day shall only be permitted whensupported by a doctor's certificate. In all othercircumstances 100% of the course fee will bepayable. Only one transfer is permitted perbooking. Subsequent transfers or cancellationsshall be affected in line with the conditionsoutlined in the Transfer and Cancellation table.Transfer and Cancellation TableNumber ofCancellationTransfer days notice% event fee payable% event fee payable31+ daysNo chargeNo charge15-30 days100% 25%of fee dueof original fee1-14 days100%50%of fee dueof original fee0 days100%100%of the course)of fee dueof original fee(The original event fee is the amount that hasbeen invoiced, ie this may show a discount if thedelegate is a member). All late bookings, firstconfirmed within 30 days of the event date, willbe subject to normal cancellation and transferterms and conditions. Entry to the course will bedenied if payment has not been received or priorwritten agreement has not been given.Split Module Training CoursesTraining courses which comprise of more thanone module are designed to be attended insequence to ensure continuity of course directorand fellow delegates. Having attended the firstmodule, if a delegate wishes to transfer theirsecond module, a transfer fee equal to 25% of the total cost of the course will be levied.Transfers will only be allowed to the next available module.PaymentAll course fees must be paid in full no later than30 days prior to the start of the course orimmediately for late bookings. Settlement of theinvoice is only deemed to have happened whenthe full amount has been paid and cleared.The Institute reserves the right to levy interest or administration charges in the event ofpayments being made by installments. Thisshould be agreed in writing in advance; defaulton a payment due will result in the full balancebecoming payable and possible removal from the course.Bank details for your informationBank nameThe Royal Bank of ScotlandAddress20 Cavendish Square, London W1M 0DBBank Sort Code16-00-30Bank Account Number13234700 CIM Holdings LtdVAT Number GB 302 2509 13IBAN CodeRBOSGB2LAccount ContactMargaret WattsTelephone Number+44 (0)1628 427425Accommodation and transportAccommodation for 2+ day courses is optional.Prices are listed as inclusive and exclusive ofaccommodation. Inclusive residential coursesinclude accommodation from the morning of thefirst day of the course to the final afternoon of thecourse (unless otherwise stated on the bookingconfirmation), in a single occupancy studybedroom. Extended accommodation can bearranged at Moor Hall at a preferential rate, whichhas to be paid locally on departure. Any requestsfor extended accommodation should be emailedto airport transfers please contact receptionwho can supply details of a local taxi company,tel +44 (0)1628 427500or of courseCIM reserves the right to amend or cancel anycourse, course times, dates or published prices.Changes to course prices, times and dates willbe advised before the course start date and anycourse already paid in full will not be subject tothe increased price. As a course may becancelled up to two weeks prior to its start date,we recommend that delegates do not maketravel arrangements before this time. Any travelcosts incurred are entirely the delegate'sresponsibility. CIM does not accept any liability for reimbursement of travel costs.Intellectual propertyAll materials provided by CIM Learning andDevelopment remain the intellectual property of The Chartered Institute of Marketing and itspartners, who assert their right to worldwidecopyright unless specifically agreed otherwise in writing.Special requirements Special requirements and dietary needs can bemet and arrangements for personal religiousworship or for disabled delegates easily made.Simply state your requirements at the time ofbooking and we will make all the necessarypreparations prior to your arrival.Other termsCIM reserves the right to remove any delegatefrom their programme should their behaviour bedeemed to be inappropriate by The CharteredInstitute of Marketing or its partners. This wouldresult in no refund of course fees or other costsbeing paid.CIM Holdings Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary ofThe Chartered Institute of Marketing. RegisteredCompany No 2585613.The Chartered Institute of MarketingMoor Hall, Cookham, MaidenheadBerkshire SL6 9QH, UKTel: +44 (0)1628 427200Fax: +44 (0)1628 427267 booking form and terms and conditions apply toCIM courses (one day workshops and residentialcourses). A separate form is available for CIMAcademy qualification programmes - you candownload a copy from, orcall us on +44(0)1628 427240to request a copy.© Copyright 2011 The Chartered Institute ofMarketing Terms and ConditionsTerms & Conditio

Book 127Venues & Contact NumbersOurvenuesforlearningTalktousWe are here to give you the tools to excel in your career - at every stage and at everylevel. If you need furtherinformation or advice, we arejust a phone call away...Courses and Workshops+44 (0)1628 427200Training bookings and adviceTailored and Customised Learning+44 (0)1628 427250Bespoke solutions that deliver resultsCIM Academy+44 (0)1628 427240Intensive qualifications to accelerate your careerCIM Direct+44 (0)1628 427427One stop shop for books andlearning materialsMoor Hall+44 (0)1628 427244The ideal learning and conference environmentProfessional Membership+44 (0)1628 427120Providing you with career supportChartered CPD Programme+44 (0)1628 427273Providing your professionalcommitment© The Chartered Institute of Marketing 2011. All rights reserved. Permission to reproduce orextract material from this publication must besought from The Chartered Institute of Marketing.Please note The Chartered Institute of Marketing reserves the right to change course venues.Delegates will be notified of any change prior to the course start date.The Chartered Institute of Marketing runs courses in London,Manchester and Birmingham and also at Moor Hall, our purpose-built training centre in Berkshire.BirminghamMaple House,150 Corporation Street, Birmingham, B4 6TBSituated in the centre of Birmingham on CorporationStreet, Maple House is a short walk from both NewStreet and Snow Hill stations.LondonEuston House, 24 Eversholt Street, London, NW1 1ADEuston House is a purpose built training venuesituated two minutes from Euston mainline andUnderground Rail Stations and five minutes fromEuston Square and King's Cross. ManchesterMacdonald Manchester Hotel & Spa, London Road, Piccadilly, Manchester, M1 2PGSituated in the heart of Manchester, within one minutewalking distance of Piccadilly train station and close to major motorways. It is just 25 minutes fromManchester Airport.Moor Hall Conference Centre - the perfect setting to studyMoor Hall, Cookham, Maidenhead, Berkshire, SL6 9QHThe main hub of activity and centre for residentialcourses is our purpose built facility in Berkshire: MoorHall Conference Centre. Moor Hall is the headquartersof The Chartered Institute of Marketing and offers theideal environment for learning new skills and tacklingcourse projects. The facilities include meeting rooms,conference theatres, as well as a world class marketinglibrary, restaurant and accommodation wings.Moor Hall has easy access to Heathrow Airport and national rail services (Maidenhead mainlinestation); and by road with the M4 and M40 just 10 minutes' drive away.