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Selecting the right channels,managing and developing themOverview Selecting the most appropriate distributionchannels and motivating channel partners arekey factors in selling profitably through thirdparties. It is essential for any organisationinvolved in the selection and management ofchannel partners to know how to build andmanage effective working relationships that buildtrust, add value and avoid conflict.Benefits to you and your company You will benefit from being able to match yourpresent role against the latest channelmanagement thinking and that of 'world class'organisations. You will also learn how to identify thecharacteristics of superior channel managementand be able to motivate, evaluate and manage theperformance of channel members.Staff will adopt a more structured approach tothe organisation of channel sales and be betterpositioned to build a disciplined relationship withchannel partners. Using the latest managementthinking, and developing a structured channelmarketing plan, organisations should begin tosee an increase in sales, margin and cooperationfrom channel partners.Who this course is forManagers and staff involved in the selection,motivation, evaluation and management ofchannel partners. It will allow you to judge yourcurrent channel policy against best practice.What you will learn ßIdentify key issues involved in channeldevelopment.ßTake advantage of the selling process tochannel partners.ßHandle joint selling approaches.ßUnderstand the differing types of channel.ßUse developments in supply chainmanagement.ßDetermine selection criteria for channelpartners using templates.ßBuild a partnership and get more cooperationfrom channel partners.ßSet customer service standards.ßMotivate channel partners.ßDevelop clear account plans for partners.ßEvaluate using reporting and feedbackstandards.ßAgree and assess the performance criteria forchannel partners.ßSet ground rules and disciplines for yourchannel partner relationships.Learning approachThe workshop delivery style is participative andgets delegates involved in discussing channelissues. Delegates will have the opportunity toanalyse their own experience. You will developreal selection templates and understand how tomotivate your distributor contact practically.Channel ManagementBook 109Sales21 CPD hoursCoursecode0075Level AdvancedDuration3 daysVenues and datesLondon201105-07September12-14December201216-18April02-04July12-14NovemberResidentialPrice£1,975+ VATCIM Member price£1,777+ VATWhat's includedTuition, course materialsand full boardaccommodationNon-residentialPrice£1,775+ VATCIM Member price£1,597+ VATWhat's includedTuition, course materials,lunch and refreshmentsRelated courseßSales Management Skills(p108)"Excellent course,superb director."Emma FosterChannel Manager,Kohler Mira LTDUsing NLP techniques to get results14 CPD hoursCoursecode0443Level AdvancedDuration2 daysVenues and datesMoor Hall, Berkshire201216-17February10-11May13-14September15-16NovemberResidentialPrice£1,425+ VATCIM Member price£1,282+ VATWhat's includedTuition, course materialsand full boardaccommodationNon-residentialPrice£1,325+ VATCIM Member price£1,192+ VATWhat's includedTuition, course materials,lunch and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is vital toenable sales professionals to excel in a variety ofsituations. This two day course will provide anenvironment in which to explore the corefundamentals of this concept. The use of NLP insales is well understood. Using the tools andtechniques in your daily sales and business lifewill produce extremely impressive results.Benefits to you and your company The programme will provide the insight andmental awareness to feel positive in front ofcustomers, change states to handle any salessituation, build rapport and communicate more effectively in customer sales meetings and sales presentations. Customer relationships are widely understood tobe the key differentiator in sales situations in the21st Century. With sales professionals andmanagers even more effective in customermeetings through exquisite rapport and superiorcommunication, the end result is increased salesrevenue for the organisation.Who this course is forThere are no pre-requisites required of NLP toattend this programme. It would be beneficial tohave a few years of sales experience to really getthe best from the training and to assist inpersonal development.What you will learn ßGoal setting and defining well formedoutcomes.ßMaster rapport-building techniques.ßEffective questioning utilising the meta-model.ßUnderstand representational systems.ßConsider values, beliefs and limiting beliefs.ßExplore influencing language.ßNon verbal communication.ßCoaching and self-development.ßDeal at a more senior and strategic level.Learning approachThe programme will explore NLP within a forum ofother sales professionals. It is very experiential andmanaged under the guidance of a fully qualifiedNLP Trainer with 20 plus years' sales experience.Residential optionNLP for Sales SuccessNew courseResidential option

The role of sales in drivingbusiness strategyOverview This masterclass is designed to providedelegates with the knowledge, tools andtechniques to contribute to the sales section ofthe business plan and manage the preparation ofeffective operational plans to meet organisationalsales objectives.Benefits to you and your company This masterclass provides you with anopportunity to benchmark your thinking andreflect on new approaches to strategy and plans.It will enable you to consider whether what youare currently doing is right and also use newframeworks in the planning process.Your organisation will benefit from your new ideasabout sales planning, and will maximise return oninvestment in a customer oriented approach todecision making.Who this course is for This is a strategic level sales programme for salesdirectors, senior sales or key account/ nationalaccount managers with strategic responsibility andthose developing into senior organisational roles. Itmay also be suitable for senior managers whotake responsibility for the sales force within anorganisation, for example, business developmentdirectors or operation directors. What you will learn ßWrite the sales section of your strategicbusiness plan.ßWrite operational sales plans and overcomebarriers to implementation.ßUse clear planning structures and understandhow to use effective tools to ensure customerfocused decision making.ßMaximise return on investment in sales.ßAssess your organisation's use of sales from astrategic perspective and make constructiverecommendations to maximise 'business'benefits from a customer orientation.ßExplore various remuneration systems andtheir impact on sales performance andstrategy.ßImprove relationships with marketing.ßAppreciate the critical importance of controland be able to recommend a range of bothqualitative and quantitative control metrics.Learning approachßTraditional 'delivery' from a highly-experiencedconsultant practitioner.ß'Clinic' sessions.ßGroup activities.ßApplication of models and frameworks to ownorganisation.ßSocial learning amongst peers (including jointactivities with the Strategic MarketingMasterclass delegates where appropriate).Strategic SalesPlanning MasterclassSales110Training bookings and advice +44 (0)1628 427200Residential option35 CPD hoursCoursecode0177Level MasterclassDuration5 days(split *3+2)Venues and datesMoor Hall, BerkshireModule 1 (3 day)+Module 2(2 day)201111-14October+21-22November201214-17February+ 26-27March15-18May+ 25-26June18-21September+ 29-30OctoberResidentialPrice£3,845+ VATCIM Member price£3,460+ VATWhat's includedTuition, course materials andfull board accommodationNon-residentialPrice£3,445+ VATCIM Member price£3,100+ VATWhat's includedTuition, course materials,lunch and refreshments*NoteModule 1 starts in theevening of Day 1, followedby 3 full days' tuitionRelated coursesßChannel Management (p109)ßMarket and SalesForecasting (p31) KelleyWith over 20 years experienceof sales training, businessdevelopment and in seniorsales management positions,Gill Kelley specialises inperformance coaching andthe facilitation of learning anddevelopment. Her naturalenthusiasm energises andmotivates others to achieve.