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9For classification levels please refer to page 3For latest courses and dates check Future of Marketing CoursesCourseDurationPageFoundationBehavioural Economics for Business Success1 day workshop10AdvancedMarketing Through a Digital Lens1 day workshop10MasterclassMarketing Engineering3 day course11

Using the principles of behaviouraleconomics to understand and affectconsumer choice7 CPD hoursCoursecode0432Level FoundationDuration1 dayVenues and datesLondon201212January09May06September14DecemberPrice£550+ VATCIM Member price£495+ VATWhat's includedTuition, course materials,lunch and business depends on selling or marketing to human beings. Anything that helps us betterunderstand how and why people buy things must improve our chances of commercialsuccess. Behavioural economics offers a morescientifically robust and accessible model forunderstanding the basis of behaviour change in a fundamentally different way and how toimplement against it. Benefits to you and your company You will be fully equipped with the tools thatcover the range of social and emotional factorsfor understanding consumer choice. This willensure that you have a sophisticatedunderstanding of what does actually influencebehaviour and what that means for your business. From beginner to boardroom the insights ofbehavioural economics will allow a commonground and shared agenda for turning humanunderstanding into commercial ideas andbusiness value.Who this course is for This course will touch all aspects of businessfrom marketing, creative, innovation, researchand insight, and portfolio management, tocommunications development and testing andchange management. In short, it is essential foranyone whose role involves exploring or affectingdecision-making, B2C or B2B. What you will learn ßYou will learn how to replace the old faulty -ifseductive -model of the Rational Consumer,with one that is more in line with cutting-edgethinking about the brain and behaviour.ßIn its place, concepts such as choicearchitecture, heuristics, anchoring, priming andother such cognitive biases will be clearlyexplained and collaboratively applied.ßYou will explore the extensive network of socialand emotional factors that will equip you with aricher understanding of consumer choice.ßThe influence of 'loss aversion' will beinvestigated for its effects on purchase,ownership, value and pricing decisions andthe question of incentives.ßYou will see how 'beliefs grow legs' and findwhy the fundamental attribution error affectsour view of personality over context.Learning approachßA mixture of lively learning, many casehistories and a large degree of collaborationand team exercises. ßWe will ask all attendees to bring their ownexamples, from work and beyond, to explorehow this will change their working principles on a day-to-day basis.ßThe form of the course will be in line with theprinciples of behavioural economics itself.Behavioural Economicsfor Business SuccessDigital is not just a channel. Re-evaluate how you plan andexecute campaigns7 CPD hoursCoursecode0440Level AdvancedDuration1 dayVenues and datesLondon201210January21May03September07DecemberPrice£550+ VATCIM Member price£495+ VATWhat's includedTuition, course materials,lunch and refreshmentsRelated coursesßYou may wish to attendone of the digitalmarketing executioncourses as a result of BaggottThis course will bedelivered by NickBaggott, who is anexperienced digitalrelationship marketingconsultant and trainer,working with globalcompanies around theworld. He is consistentlyrated as one of our mostpopular course directorsand brings a wealth ofpractical experience tothe learning environment.Nick is both a coursedirector for TheChartered Institute ofMarketing and a trainerfor Google and hasdeveloped this course inassociation withexperienced marketingpractitioners at Google. Overview Marketers can now use digital tools andtechniques throughout the planning and executionof marketing campaigns. CIM has been workingexclusively with Google to jointly develop this new course, which shows how marketers shouldre-evaluate how they build campaigns fromgenerating information and insights all the waythrough to idea development, implementation and impact measurement. Benefits to you and your company You will be able to re-think how you developcampaigns by looking at your marketing 'through a digital lens'. Are there new ways ofunderstanding your target audience? Are therenew ways of reaching them? And new ways ofmeasuring success? This genuinely innovativecourse will put you at the forefront of the industryby providing you with the latest marketingthinking from Google and The Chartered Instituteof Marketing.Your organisation will benefit as you are able to generate better insights about customerbehaviours and turn that learning into moreeffective marketing programmes. Who this course is forThis course is designed for open-mindedmarketers who are looking to find new ways of building campaigns. You should have anappreciation of the new digital tools andchannels but you do not need to be an expert in them.What you will learn How to create an effective marketingprogramme from information gathering to insightand idea generation to implementation andmeasurement, using the latest digital tools andthe latest marketing thinking from Google.Learning approachA highly practical course. It will be thoughtprovoking and challenging. Highly interactive witha mix of listening, thinking, doing and discussing.Marketing Through a Digital LensThe Future of Marketing10Training bookings and advice +44 (0)1628 427200New courseIn partnership withNew course