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Increase your chances of gettingothers to act in the way you wantOverview This workshop provides the skills and approachto provide a credible argument that supports yourgoals and persuades other people. The bestinfluencers require good interpersonal andcommunication skills. This workshop will showyou how to persuade, influence and negotiate -not convincing or selling, rather learning aboutothers and negotiating. Benefits to you and your company You will gain greater cooperation, both internallyand externally, in order to meet goals, establishprinciples and initiate action. You will becomeincreasingly effective when communicating withcolleagues and customers.Your organisation will see an improvement ininternal and external working relationships, as wellas a greater acceptance of proposals for changein activities and corporate processes. Pull peopletogether, move ideas forward, galvanise changeand create constructive conclusions.Who this course is forThis course is for anyone who needs to persuadeand influence across functions (marketing, sales,finance, HR, production etc.) in order to achievetheir goals. In addition, managers who areresponsible for the management of others willbenefit from this workshop.What you will learn ßBuild rapport and trust with people.ßRecognise and understand the motivations ofothers.ßUse the learning style and social style ofothers in order to influence.ßDevelop a structured approach to influencingand persuasion.ßUse neuro-linguistic programming (NLP)techniques to move the other person towardsyour point of view.ßHandle conflict, disagreement ormisunderstandings effectively.ßNegotiate through finding shared solutions.ßObtain and retain commitment.Learning approachThe programme will be supported by a coursemanual, though the nature of the subject makesthe day very experiential. Participants will beencouraged to explore themselves in order tobetter understand others and thus to be moreeffective in influencing.Influencing Skills to Get ResultsBook 99Business, Management and Finance7 CPD hoursCoursecode0977Level AdvancedDuration1 dayVenues and datesLondon201127September201221February24SeptemberPrice£550+ VATCIM Member price£495+ VATWhat's includedTuition, course materials,lunch and refreshmentsRelated coursesßAssert Yourself (p96)ßNLP for Sales Success(p109) powerful presentation skillsfor increased business and personalsuccess14 CPD hoursCoursecode0065Level MasterclassDuration2 daysVenues and datesLondon201220-21MarchMoor Hall, Berkshire201105-06 December201212-13June03-04SeptemberResidentialPrice£1,815+ VATCIM Member price£1,633+ VATWhat's includedTuition, course materialsand full boardaccommodationNon-residentialPrice£1,715+ VATCIM Member price£1,543+ VATWhat's includedTuition, course materials,lunch and refreshmentsRelated coursesßEssential PresentationSkills (p95)ßInfluencing Skills to Get Results (p99) PinnockDavid believes thepotential to be a greatpresenter exists in all of us and he aims todevelop that throughchallenging,constructive andsupportive training. In1997, David formed hisown training business,designing, developingand delivering coursesfor blue chips andSMEs throughout theUK, Europe, Asia andSouth America.Overview This programme will develop powerfulpresenters, who feel confident in their ownperformance. People who build and maintainrapport with their audience and communicate inan impressive and influential manner.We are increasingly judged on how competentlywe deliver our message as well as the messageitself. This applies to staff meetings, clientpresentations and our wider business and socialcommunications. The difference betweensuccess and failure often rests on our ability tobe an effective and persuasive presenter.Benefits to you and your company You will benefit from higher levels of competenceand credibility during presentations. You will learnto use a range of presentation techniques toachieve your objectives and inspire people toaction. Future presentations will be welcomed,not feared.Organisations who invest in this programme fortheir sales and marketing professionals and othersenior personnel will gain significant benefits.Their staff's increased presentation skills and selfconfidence will enable them to influence decisionmakers, gain acceptance of ideas, win morebusiness and enjoy greater success.Who this course is forEveryone who needs to make businesspresentations more effective, enjoyable andsuccessful, especially those in more seniorpositions, who need to make a difference tobusiness performance.What you will learn ßIdentify your perfect presenter profile and worktowards its achievement.ßHave more confidence and competence infront of any audience.ßBuild and maintain rapport with their audience.ßHave a greater understanding of audienceneeds and how to satisfy them.ßUse a toolkit of techniques for structuringpresentations that make an impact.ßGain more control in audience interactions andchallenging presentation situations.ßSet a plan for maximising presentationopportunities.Learning approachßPositive, supportive, constructive and a briskpace.ßLearning by doing and reviewing.ß8-10 presentations throughout the 2 days.ßExercises demonstrated by course directorand/or review coach.ß1 to 1 reviews in separate room.ßDelegates receive a DVD of their ownpresentations.PresentationMasterclassResidential option

Sales To succeed in selling today requires the very best skills, knowledge andexpertise. It is not enough to understand selling -it is now essential tounderstand the buying process and to build the right sort of relationshipswith the right buyers. With its history in marketing and sales,The Chartered Institute of Marketingunderstands this environment and offers a range of programmes thatdevelop salespeople and improve their sales performance. Our coursesbuild confidence, knowledge, skills and the right attitude - so whateverarea of learning you need - from the principles of selling, key accountmanagement, negotiating, building business relationships to developingsales management strategies, we can help you reach your potential.100