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For course information call 020 8090 3020 the most of your time with usGeneral InformationThe Learning Mentor Service This Service is designed to boost both learner retention and individual achievement. Learning Mentors are generally Level 3 learners at the College, who have a strong desire to motivate and support others.A Mentor will: l Motivate, support and guide youl Introduce you to a wide range of study skills l Help you to complete coursework and prepare for examinationsCoachingEvery learner is assigned a Personal Coach. You will see them regularly to discuss your goals and progression, check your performance and identify ways to improve. They will help you complete your Individual Learning Plan (ILP). If you need any advice about your course, college life or any problems you may be experiencing outside, you can speak to your Personal Coach in confidence. Unless you are on a short course, you will also meet your Personal Coach each week in a group tutorial session with other learners on your course.Earn While You LearnThere are paid opportunities for current learners - including mentoring other learners or being an Ambassador for the College at events. Please contact the Enrichment Officer to find out more.Enrichment ProgrammeIn a world that increasingly looks for people with a range of skills and interests beyond their qualifications, the Enrichment Programme is an essential part of your college experience. The programme provides you with additional activities and opportunities during your time with us:l Get involved in college lifel Learn new skills l Take up new challengesl Make new friends l Gain new qualifications l Take part in or represent the College in sporting activitiesOur current enrichment programme offers a diverse range of activities which include:l Sportl Dancel Media and the artsl Courses and qualifications l Social and external events We always try to run a range of different activities throughout the year, so your opinions and suggestions on what we can add to the programme are extremely welcome.Information TechnologyThe College is at the forefront of computing technology. All learners have free access to computers including use of the Internet. Computers are available at various times around the College and learners are encouraged to make full use of all available resources. Learning Resources ServiceThis includes our library, Learning & Development Centre, drop-in IT facilities and media resources. As well as supporting your studies we also run workshops to help with assignments. Please speak to your tutor for more information.

For course information call 020 8090 3020 if you have a Learning Difficulty or DisabilityGeneral InformationWe are committed to equal opportunities and will provide additional support for those with learning difficulties and health problems including mental health and disabilities. To help us help you, please apply early to ensure we can meet any reasonable additional needs. Our Learning Support Coordinators will assess your needs and arrange any support required. They will also liaise with teaching staff and external agencies to ensure that learners are fully supported. For example if you are deaf or hearing impaired, the College will provide you with a Communication Support Worker (CSW) in your lessons. Learners who have learning difficulties and problems with literacy and numeracy can also receive support. Special examination arrangements can be made where appropriate. Learners with physical disabilities can access all parts of the building via lifts and automatic doors. We also have specialist facilities for wheelchair users including toilets on each level. We have a wide range of equipment and facilities available to support learners with additional needs, including specialist software, adaptive technology and personal hearing loops.The Best for Sport and Fitness The benefits of exercise are well known, and at our Rush Green campus we have a range of excellent sport and fitness facilities. Air-conditioned Fitness RoomOur well-equipped and spacious fitness area caters for all levels of fitness and ability. With 17 pieces of specialist cardio and resistance equipment to choose from, staff will work with you to create a Personal Exercise Plan designed to help you achieve your fitness goals. Learners can take advantage of a preferential rate of just £15 a month for unlimited use.Open to the PublicYou don't have to be a College learner to use our Fitness Room. Members of the public are welcome too, and our rate of just £20 a month for unlimited use is extremely competitive. If you live or work locally why not contact us for more information and opening times. Talk to our Sports Centre Manager on extn 7147 or The Sports Hall and StudioWe want to provide you with the opportunity to enjoy the best in sports and fitness.where fun is essential! Why not choose from 5 a-side football, basketball, badminton, indoor cricket, netball, spinning classes, aerobics, martial arts or table tennis to keep you active, and with all the equipment supplied, there is nothing holding you back.Facilities Available for HireOur Sports Hall and Studio facilities are also available for hire for fitness competitions, indoor hockey leagues, 5-a-side football leagues and much more. If you are interested and would like more details about availability and rates please contact our Sports Centre Manager on extn 7147 or email: and Fitness