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For course information call 020 8090 3020 TitleStudy ModeDay/EveDurationVenueESOL BeginnersEntry Level 1Full-timeDay1 yearBLC/RGESOL BeginnersEntry Level 1Part-timeEve1 yearBLC/RGESOL ElementaryEntry Level 2Full-timeDay1 yearBLC/RGESOL ElementaryEntry Level 2Part-timeEve1 yearBLC/RGESOL Pre-IntermediateEntry Level 3 Full-timeDay1 yearBLC/RGESOL Pre-IntermediateEntry Level 3Part-timeEve1 yearBLC/RGESOL Intermediate Level 1Full-timeDay1 yearBLC/RGESOL Intermediate Level 1Part-timeEve1 yearBLC/RGESOL Advanced Level 2Full-timeDay1 yearBLC/RGESOL Advanced Level 2Part-timeEve1 yearBLC/RGThese courses are ideal for learners whose first language is not English and who wish to improve their English speaking, listening, reading and writing skills. You will learn to communicate in a wide variety of situations to help you live, work and study in the UK. We have a range of courses from beginners through to advanced and we will assess your English to make sure you join the one that's right for you.You will use the latest technology to improve your listening, pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary and IT skills. We can also help you plan your career and find out about other courses if you want to continue your studies.At the end of the course successful learners will gain the Edexcel ESOL Skills for Life qualification. Venue KeyRG Rush GreenBLC Barking Learning CentreESOL(English for Speakers of Other Languages)These courses are for adults aged 19 and overCourse TitleStudy ModeDay/EveDurationVenueESOL BeginnersEntry Level 1Full-timeDay1 yearRGESOL ElementaryEntry Level 2Full-timeDay1 yearRGESOL Pre-IntermediateEntry Level 3 Full-timeDay1 yearRGESOL Intermediate Level 1Full-timeDay1 yearRGThese courses are for young people aged 16 - 18

For course information call 020 8090 3020 young people aged 16 - 24 with Learning Difficulties & DisabilitiesLearning Difficulties & DisabilitiesThe Bridging Courses are designed to help young people improve their basic skills in English, Maths and IT. Other topics are also covered including social skills, working relationships and independent living skills. Route 3 is for those who need a high level of support initially, but there is the opportunity to progress to Routes 2 and 1. Bridging Course Route 3 Independent LivingFull-time Day 2 years RGBridging Course Route 2Life Skills Full-time Day 2 years RGBridging Course Route 1Vocational Studies Full-time Day 1 year RGThe New Directions course will help you with skills for life and personal skills. The course covers written and spoken English, expressing ideas, functional maths and IT. Plus you will get the chance to take part in taster sessions around the College so you can try out the exciting options available. New Directions Full-time Day 1 year RGVenue KeyRG Rush Green