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For course information call 020 8090 3020 TitleStudy ModeDay/EveDurationVenueDiploma in Sport & Active Leisure Level 1Full-timeDay1 yearRGBTEC Diploma in Sport (Exercise & Fitness) Level 2Full-timeDay1 yearRGBTEC Extended Diploma in Sports (Develoment, Coaching & Fitness) Level 3Full-timeDay2 yearsRGSportsWith London 2012 on the horizon, a career in the sports industry has never been more popular. If you see yourself coaching others to achieve their potential then a career as a personal trainer, fitness instructor or PE teacher could be for you. Alternatively you may be interested in the sports therapy and nutrition side of the industry. No matter where your passion for sports lies, our courses can help you realise your dream. Public ServicesWhere would we be without the Uniformed Services - Ambulance, Police, Fire Brigade, and Prison Officers, Customs and Excise staff or the Armed Forces? If you are interested in a career in these essential services, but don't have the entry requirements at the moment, our Public Service courses are designed to prepare and inform you for your next step.Venue KeyRG Rush GreenSports & Public ServicesHospitality, Sport, Leisure and Public ServicesSportsPublic ServicesCourse TitleStudy ModeDay/EveDurationVenueBTEC Diploma in Public Services Level 1Full-timeDay1 yearRGBTEC Diploma in Public Services Level 2Full-timeDay1 yearRGBTEC Extended Diploma in Public Services Level 3Full-timeDay2 yearsRG

For course information call 020 8090 3020 are now in almost every home and business. In fact, there are very few industries where computer skills are not required. As an IT professional, as well as being in demand and well rewarded, you can opt to specialise in a particular area - such as software and web development, programming, or computer games design.It doesn't matter what your starting point, Barking & Dagenham College has the right IT course for you. We particularly welcome applications from women as they are currently under-represented in this area.Venue keyRG Rush GreenBLC Barking Learner CentreInformation TechnologyInformation TechnologyCourse TitleStudy ModeDay/EveDurationVenueICT Skills Certificate Entry Level 3Full-timeDay1 yearRGBTEC Diploma for ICT Level 1Full-timeDay1 yearRGBTEC Level 2 Diploma for ICT PractitionersFull-timeDay1 yearRGBTEC Extended Diploma in Software Development Level 3Full-timeDay2 yearsRGBTEC Extended Diploma for Networking and System SupportLevel 3Full-timeDay2 yearsRGAccess to Higher Education Diploma in ICT [for adults aged 19 or over]Full-timeDay1 year RGHigher National Certificate in Computing Level 5Part-timeDay2 yearsRGEntry Level 3 ITQ for IT usersPart-timeDay or Eve 1 yearRG/BLCLevel 1 ITQ for IT usersPart-time Day or Eve 1 yearRG/BLCLevel 2 ITQ for IT usersPart-timeDay or Eve 1 yearRG/BLCCompTIA - Strata/PC Configuration (fixing computers and software)Part-timeEve18 weeksRGICT ApprenticesWe also run apprenticeship schemes for ICT at Level 2 and 3. Please speak to our Apprenticeship Team for more information on extension 7177.